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Indiana Limestone Uses

About Limestone

A sedimentary rock, limestone is made of mineral calcite which is also composed of chert or flint, silica,
silt, clay, and sand. For the creatures in the sea, limestone serves as their major source of calcite. Also,
sedimentary rocks are more or less made up of ten percent limestone.


Although limestone cannot be considered as a precious and expensive stone, you must know that
it is not completely useless either. In fact, Portuguese limestone has been proven to be very useful
especially when it comes to building different architectural structures. If you have been observant
enough, then you may as well notice that there have been a number of famous landmarks all over the
world which has been made with Limestone entrance, Limestone walls, and such.

Limestone isn’t too difficult to find, they can easily be carved as well considering the fact that modern
equipment have been very useful for this purpose. In San Francisco, different companies take advantage
of providing limestone for architectural purposes such as the Marvelous Marble Design Inc. you may
contact them at 1-888-272-0630 if you need help in building certain homes and buildings by utilizing
limestone as well as its other counterparts.

As for those who haven’t known about this yet, limestone can also be used in:=

  • Making solid bases for highways and roads – crushed limestone.
  • Making promoting good soil condition as pulverized limestone pulverizes acidic soil.
  • Mortar and Cement
  • Constructing Buildings and Homes with decorative (interior and exterior) limestone claddings
  • Cement manufacture and Landscaping

Limestone has a number of features which makes it an excellent material for many different purposes.
Maintenance is not quite difficult with limestone as well. Should you decide to make use of limestone
for your project, you could find out more about it by conducting an online research.

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