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Italian Marble Exterior Facade

Cladding is a method used to cover up the internal structure of a façade for the reason of improving
the appearance or protect the façade from the effects of weather conditions and other damaging

Cladding can be done in many ways and there are many materials used to complete this kind of
architectural structure. Limestone cladding is a popular form of cladding, and it can be seen in many
buildings, houses and other establishments.

On the interior part of an establishment, limestone veneer is also a common sight. This can be applied
in columns, foyers, counter tops and even fireplaces. There are many companies which offer such
services. One is Marvelous Marble Design Inc, an expert in custom built stone structures whether in
commercial establishment or residential houses. For inquiries regarding cladding and marble designs,
you can call 1-888-272-0630.


Metal is a popular siding used in industrial structures. It is preferred for its durability and resistance to
extreme weather, fire and temperature changes. It is not very attractive to look at, but metal sidings can
last for many years if properly cared for.


Stone or brick cladding is a tad more expensive than other forms but this actually minimizes the cost
if the owner wishes to present a stone surface. Common stones used in stone cladding are limestone,
granite and marble. This can last for decades once properly installed.


Vinyl cladding is a popular trend in North America, particularly because of the wide choices of colors.
This cladding is made entirely of PVC panels, therefore considered as a threat to the environment
because of the amount of energy used in manufacturing vinyl.


Timber used in siding or cladding is attractive to look at, not to mention that it’s environmentally
friendly. Common species of wood that are used for siding are spruce, Scots pine and red cedar.

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