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Natural French Limestone for Facades

There are a lot of materials to choose from in choosing a facade. The price also varies depending on
what you choose. Nevertheless, no matter how expensive your facade is, the end result will not be as
great as you think if it doesn’t fit the design of your house.

Marble building facades are lovely to look at but they are high-maintenance and need regular cleaning.
Still, you can always ask for assistance if you wish to have them cleaned, replaced, or completely
removed. Same is true with carved building facades. This style was popular long ago, and is still being
carried out today.

Companies in Chicago and other regions in the United States are able to provide materials which can be
used as exterior facade or in fireplaces. You can check out the galleries from Marvelous Marble Design
Inc and know your choice of materials. They can also case out your place to make sure that the right
material is used to blend with your house design. Call them at 1-888-272-0630.

Materials Used for Facades

  • Brick – if you want a formal look, brick should do the trick. This can also be used in fireplaces where a mantle is installed. The other option is to lay out bricks all the way up to the ceiling.
  • Field Stone – field stones give off a country kind of feel. They can also be installed with a mantle or design to be a part of the entire wall.
  • Granite – granite is often installed in slabs and could also come with a mantle.
  • Marble – this material is considered traditional and the most common facades in fireplaces. This is also used in columns, as well as on the floor, sinks, and counter tops.
  • Tile – tiles are the most versatile. They come in ceramic, glass or Tuscan and are fairly easy to mix and match to create patterns.


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