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Natural Stone in Custom Designed Homes

Stone cladding can either be used on the interior or exterior part of a house or a building. This method is
used to cover up a part of a surface for protective purposes, as well as enhance the look of the surface.
There are many types of stones to be used in cladding, one of the popular of which is marble cladding.

Cladding is used in walls, fireplaces, columns and the fa├žade of a structure. It has been used for
many years, and is still a popular choice among builders and interior designers. Its popularity is also
contributed by the fact that it is a more affordable option compared to building a structure entirely
made of white limestone, marble, or granite.

Marvelous Marble Design Inc provides services for stone cladding, as well as give you options for
marble designs and aesthetics. If you wish to have your home improved through cladding, you simply
have to call them through this number: 1-888-272-0630.

Faux Stone

This is a cheaper alternative if one cannot afford pure stones. Stones are man-made and are a mixture of
cement and sand. These are much lighter compared to pure stones and are also available in a variety of


Paint can be used to create an illusion of cladding. On the other hand, there are also wallpapers
available that look like clad stones. Affordable, contemporary and practical are the best words to
describe this technique.

Solid Stone

Solid stone are pure slabs of stones which are clad together to form a wall. This method has been used
since the ancient times can be seen in many houses; commonly in fireplaces and counter tops.

Panels made of Thin Stones

Another cheaper alternative are thin stone panels. They are made of real stones, but they are cut in
thinner pieces in order to reduce the cost of construction.

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